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10/07/2009, 18:42
A Long Hand for Hellmuth's Tournament Life Phil Hellmuth is known for doing things on a grand scale. He proved that again today in what may be the single longest hand we've ever watched. Things started out normally enough as Hellmuth check-called his opponent's 6,000 chip bet on a board of 9s 10h 3d . Hellmuth checked the Kd on the turn and his opponent led for 6,000 more. Hellmuth raised to 16,000, and his opponent called. When Hellmuth led for 15,000 at the 3s on the river, his opponent took just over a second before moving all in for an additional 104,900, completely confusing Hellmuth. "What is this? What in the world? Where did you find that card?" Hellmuth asked before falling deep into the tank. As he sat trying to work things through, the table attracted a huge crowd of camera people, reporters and eager spectators. Hellmuth appeared not to notice as he continued to puzzle things together. "You bluffing? You got it?" he asked. His opponent sat quietly listening to his iPod and doing his best to ignore Hellmuth's questions. "Wow, this is like my whole world series," Hellmuth added. "I don't think you'd move in with aces. I feel like I have you," he continued. A few minutes later, Hellmuth continued on. "I'm sorry I'm thinking so long guys, but this is my whole world series. My instincts say I have you buddy," Hellmuth said finally before making the call. Hellmuth: Qh Jh Opponent: Ac Qd"Yes! My tournament life on the line baby. Every time I tried to fold, my instincts wouldn't let me," Hellmuth exclaimed when he saw his winning straight. The 15-minute hand ended right at the break and took Hellmuth's stack to 320,000.

Es un Crá!!

10/07/2009, 20:02
JAJJAAJA hellmuth machine le pone más color yo quickly calleo xD